Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Urban DiDi

One of my customers Dorothee, aka Urban Didi, has created a line of jewelry using our childhood favorites - LEGOs. Didi hand drills and bezel sets each Swarovski crystal as well as creating the innovative tube bail across the top. Her 'bubble gum' designs have floating crystals or seeds in them reminiscent of a bubble gum machine.
     Dorothee is a 28 year old mom who enjoys creating and exploring new designs in between taking care of her three young children. 
     "Right now, I love working with LEGOs. It is fun to mix colors and to add some shine to it. I design and make by hand all the pieces, says Dorothee. I love the idea of giving a LEGO brick a second life and a different feel."     
     These really are cool and different! Please come by and check them out. Prices begin at $20. Straps sold separately. These pendants will make a very unique gift!

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