Monday, October 25, 2010

Miyuki Tila Beads

Whichever way you wish to pronounce it, Miyuki's Tila beads are sure to add another dimension to your bead weaving designs. These flat, square two-holed beads measure about 5mm x 5mm x 2mm. Miyuki has currently launched this new bead shape in 25 of it's more popular colors. I have ordered some for the store and will let you know as soon as they arrive.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sparkling Make and Takes in Tucson, AZ

It's hard to believe that I'm blogging about Tucson already, but February is just around the corner. I will be there teaching two brand-new earring designs, Crystal Cascade and Tearful Hearts for Swarovski Elements at their new "Make and Takes". Each earring will be taught twice and is sponsored by my friends at Blue Mud. Students pay only $10 for a 45 minute lesson in which you make and then take or in this case wear your project! Swarovski is donating all the proceeds from the Make and Takes to the YWCA, which is their venue in Tucson. I don't have pictures yet of my two earring designs, but as soon as I do I will share them with you. I have attached the link to Swarovski's Create-Your-Style so that you can view all of the wonderful classes that are being taught in Tucson in February.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

CITY/Horse Adaptation and endurance is key to surviving the urban jungle. Emulating the sophisticated power and grace of a thoroughbred horse, sure-footed once again a strong, sleek silhouette dominates the city streets, boldly proclaiming we are back in business! Shoulders are emphasized with large crystals in monochromatic 3D palettes and body chains of crystal mesh appear. Mesmerizing combinations of darkened crystals meld together in geometric forms to adorn tailored jackets, whilst sexy suiting, in a deeply powerful palette, allows us to blend into the slick city architecture. Unity and strength is the overriding theme.
COLOURS Deeper blue tones hovering between black and midnight blue are off-set by a smoky purple. The refractions of the colours are reminiscent of an iridescent oil slick on a city street.
JEWELLERY Horse hair and black enamel create contrast. Body chains and head-pieces resembling harnesses are key items. Plaiting appears in pendants and earrings. Gunmetal, highly polished silver and antique brass are used for bases.
FASHION Sleek, sexy suiting and trendy tailoring in lightweight and velvet dominate both business and evening attire. A new silhouette is apparent with long trains on dresses and the reappearance of the tailcoat. Shoulders are emphasized but not exaggerated. Elongated funnel necklines and geometric cuts make a statement.
FABRICS A mix of sheen and matte in materials creates subtle opulence. Velvets, fine wool for suiting and satins abound. Extra texture and shine is added to wardrobes.
ACCESSORIES Box-like bags and clutches. Wide belts with horse-influenced hardware and patent leather heels. High-wrapped headwear, hard hats and leather encased glasses, emulating horse blinkers, are employed as accents.
INTERIOR Sleek, contemporary and graphic silhouettes dominate. Furniture is modern and minimal. Flooring is polished concrete and ultra-modern materials. High shine and matte surfaces marry together.
CRYSTAL COLOURS Amethyst, Crystal Night Blue Pearl, Montana, Crystal Silver Night, Dark Indigo, Jet       

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

COUNTRYSIDE/Kingfisher Like the brilliantly-hued Kingfisher taking flight, imagination is set to soar as fantasy and whimsy take hole of the design world. Emerging from the darkness of former fashion palettes, fabulous fuchsias, sunflower yellows and burnt orange marry in poetic songs of colour. Beautifully bejewelled belts draw in coloured cashmere cardigans, layered crystals drape over decadently ruffled bloused and smatterings of crystal droplets, like water flying off feathered wings, splash over exquisitely embroidered coats and dresses. Tired of being grounded, we set our sights on the soaring spontaneity of decadent dress and abundant accessories. We are ready to fly, to stretch our wings and usher in a new era filled with passion, romance and intrigue.
COLOURS A sudden melody of brights lights up the winter palette in luscious, luxurious, clashing colour from deepest fuchsias to olive greens and inky blues. Bursts of sunflower yellow are the accent.
JEWELLERY Bracelets, layered and stacked, create magical musical jewellery. Brass and silver are found in finishes. Chandelier earrings, bejewelled brooches and lace collars are interspersed with crystals and pearls. Clusters of cocktail rings adorn fingers.
FASHION Offering an opulent, eccentric and slightly bohemian take, the look has a 1920's flapper feel mixed with a touch of 1950's grace. Feathers and ruffled edges are focal points. Elegant combinations of prints and embroideries dominate. Long silk-printed coats create kimono effects.
FABRICS Ornate embroideries and elaborate decoration - brocades, stitched and printed fabrics and raw silks appear. Feathers and ruffles adorn sumptuous textiles. Texture and pattern abounds.
ACCESSORIES Hats and headscarves claim center stage. Coloured gloves dotted with crystals and brightly hued handbags and belts flash colour and confidence.
INTERIOR Fun and fanciful - ceiling decoration and hanging lights are the focus. Chinoiserie-inspired prints, patterned carpets and opulently printed wallpaper make a strong statement.   
CRYSTAL COLOURS - Topaz, Olivine, Rose, Indicolite, Sunflower, Crystal Silver Night  

Monday, October 18, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

FARMLAND/Fox Never before has the need for survival been so prevalent. The past few years have shown the young that the world is not merely a frivolous playground. Like the wily fox they have discovered that to exist they need to outsmart and, in a truly progressive move, they turn to the past to arm themselves for their battle with the future. Enduring textiles are off-set by the gorgeous glint of crystal, small random sparkles create an honest and authentic effect, like glittering gems found at the bottom of Grandma's treasure box. Finer-than-fine chains embellished with crystal charms dangle around wrists, mementos of more trustworthy times. Innocent Peter Pan collars and vintage aprons are peppered with subtle shine. Nostalgia and the perpetual charm of tradition is calling - Conservatism is now the new Radical.
COLOURS Pigmented earthy browns and olive greens, the colours of ever-changing nature, are complemented by bright bursts of vibrant red.
JEWELLERY Traditional elements and motif-driven jewellery are the core focus. Cameos, lockets and filigree showcase nostalgic elements. Pearls are a subtle inclusion. Delicate, refined chains are strung with tiny crystals making a sweet statement.
FASHION Fashion stays on the farm this season with garments showing a sense of responsibility and reliability. A pastoral style is prevalent Winter cottons and woolens from sturdy coats. Layering of patterns, Liberty-print blouses and fine-knit weaves create a mismatched effect. 
FABRICS Traditional textiles of proven qualities, the tweeds of yesteryear, are a core focus. Cord, knitted materials and traditional patchwork, silk scarves, faded vintage poplins and Liberty floral prints as well as shirting take pride of place.
ACCESSORIES Functional and traditional rural elements such as aprons, headscarves, hobnailed boots and thick winter stockings are core components. Cane baskets and Amish-style head-wear are eccentric accents. 
INTERIOR A home-spun, rural aspect dominates interior design; particularly relevant to the kitchen and living areas. Functional, versatile pieces in untreated and raw-edged wood dominate. Rough-hewn pottery, copper pans and traditional storage containers are used as elements of decoration.
CRYSTAL COLOURS Crystal Silver Night, Siam, Dark Indigo, Khaki, Sunflower, Crystal Red Magma, Jet Nut       

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

WINTER LANDSCAPE/Snow Rabbit  Indulging in the blissful pleasure of touch, the design world is finally breathing a sigh of relief and taking comfort in a sense of rediscovered safety. Like the snow rabbit amidst its icy winter landscape, a paler-than-pale palette sees crystal melding into its surroundings - integration and camouflage is key. Softly cocooned in whisper-soft cashmere and the comforting, downy texture of mohair, dustings of fine crystals are interwoven into clothing and accessories. Tiny pave-set crystals adorn jewellery and "loungerie" in sensuous supple satins are trimmed with light-as-air lace. Nurture, nourishment and the need to be still are the catch-cries of this theme.
COLORS A sublimely simple canvas of hazy winter pastels and creamy neutrals punctuated with softer-than-soft blues and pale off-greys.
JEWELLERY Charming, intricate pieces that encapsulate a sense of cocooning. Almost translucent,  woven and knitted elements in ethereal forms are sprinkled with crystal. Bold ice crystal rings and necklaces are finished in matte or beaten metals.
FASHION  A 'loungerie' aspect is the prime focus. Soft body suits in jersey and elasticized dance pants offer comfortable elegance. Cobweb fine knits embrace shapes, whilst over-sized woolen jumpers swathe forms. Silhouettes are loose and relaxed. 
FABRICS Powder-fine luxurious yarns, ultra-soft felted wools, fluffy yarns and ruffled tulle, mohair alpaca, crochet and lace as well as sensuous silks and satins.
ACCESSORIES Loosely woven knitted hoods and fine mohair scarves and gloves appear. Satin bows and belts are used for delicate detailing.
INTERIOR A theme tailor-made for bedrooms and luscious living areas. Faded print rugs in pastel palettes, cocooning, ultra-comfortable chairs and billowing ice-inspired structures for lighting.
CRYSTAL COLORS Crystal, Light Azore, Sand Opal, Silk, Light Grey Opal

Friday, October 15, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

FOREST BROWN BEAR Classic     Like the bear we have woken from a deep, restorative slumber to a world of new elements. Seeking to re-connect with our natural habitat, we covet fashion and design that respects and intones the environment. We crave sustainability and enduring organic forms. Designs are strong and sturdy and almost predictable like the bear itself. Amber-coloured crystals, like natural sap, collect in a conglomeration of brooches on tweed jackets. Intertwined, branch-inspired blackened silvers and metals are adorned with tone-on-tone crystal drops, large Ceramics in natural forms drape down necklines.
COLOURS The reassuring traditional earthy palettes of chocolate and tan are made over with punctuations of bright pumpkin and sunflower yellow. Amber and tortoiseshell tones infiltrate.
JEWELLERYTarnished metallics and pewters predominate. Root, twig and branch-like structures are incorporated into bracelets and necklaces. Amber, yellow and topax tones are mixed with horn and wood. Brooches are a surprise element.
FASHION Ribbing, pleats and graphic elements underline and enhance silhouettes. Classic forms and textured materials are offered freedom and movement. A slightly androgynous element creeps in with sublimely pale pin-stripes and woven checks showcasing simplicity. FABRICS There is faux real element. Rugged waterproof cloth, lightweight fine-checked wools and sturdy knit weaves are the basics.
ACCESSORIES Leather appears in accessories and as an embellishment to clothing. Rugged, knitted socks and stockings, over-sized sunglasses and reading glasses, representing owl-like intensity, are statement pieces.
INTERIOR Amber or golden honey accents are found in vases, objets d'art and lighting forms. Branch-inspired furniture as well as overhead beams and wooden walls proliferate. Woven fibers stand out.
CRYSTAL COLOURS   Crystal Silver Night, Topaz, Sunflower, Light Smoked Topaz, Smoked Topaz, Jet Nut

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Beading Frenzy is blogging!!

With our blog we hope to keep you informed of the latest products, events and classes happening in the shop as well as inspiring you with new designs and color trends. 

As we enter the tenth month of the year, it is all about Fall; the season, falling leaves, changes in color, pumpkins, decorations and small children in Halloween costumes knocking on your door looking for a treat. Ghosts, witches and bats, oh my!These adorable earrings are made with Swarovski Elements. Okay so it's no surprise that we used our favorite product to create these designs! What's a little sparkle among friends...