Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

CITY/Horse Adaptation and endurance is key to surviving the urban jungle. Emulating the sophisticated power and grace of a thoroughbred horse, sure-footed once again a strong, sleek silhouette dominates the city streets, boldly proclaiming we are back in business! Shoulders are emphasized with large crystals in monochromatic 3D palettes and body chains of crystal mesh appear. Mesmerizing combinations of darkened crystals meld together in geometric forms to adorn tailored jackets, whilst sexy suiting, in a deeply powerful palette, allows us to blend into the slick city architecture. Unity and strength is the overriding theme.
COLOURS Deeper blue tones hovering between black and midnight blue are off-set by a smoky purple. The refractions of the colours are reminiscent of an iridescent oil slick on a city street.
JEWELLERY Horse hair and black enamel create contrast. Body chains and head-pieces resembling harnesses are key items. Plaiting appears in pendants and earrings. Gunmetal, highly polished silver and antique brass are used for bases.
FASHION Sleek, sexy suiting and trendy tailoring in lightweight and velvet dominate both business and evening attire. A new silhouette is apparent with long trains on dresses and the reappearance of the tailcoat. Shoulders are emphasized but not exaggerated. Elongated funnel necklines and geometric cuts make a statement.
FABRICS A mix of sheen and matte in materials creates subtle opulence. Velvets, fine wool for suiting and satins abound. Extra texture and shine is added to wardrobes.
ACCESSORIES Box-like bags and clutches. Wide belts with horse-influenced hardware and patent leather heels. High-wrapped headwear, hard hats and leather encased glasses, emulating horse blinkers, are employed as accents.
INTERIOR Sleek, contemporary and graphic silhouettes dominate. Furniture is modern and minimal. Flooring is polished concrete and ultra-modern materials. High shine and matte surfaces marry together.
CRYSTAL COLOURS Amethyst, Crystal Night Blue Pearl, Montana, Crystal Silver Night, Dark Indigo, Jet       

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