Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

COUNTRYSIDE/Kingfisher Like the brilliantly-hued Kingfisher taking flight, imagination is set to soar as fantasy and whimsy take hole of the design world. Emerging from the darkness of former fashion palettes, fabulous fuchsias, sunflower yellows and burnt orange marry in poetic songs of colour. Beautifully bejewelled belts draw in coloured cashmere cardigans, layered crystals drape over decadently ruffled bloused and smatterings of crystal droplets, like water flying off feathered wings, splash over exquisitely embroidered coats and dresses. Tired of being grounded, we set our sights on the soaring spontaneity of decadent dress and abundant accessories. We are ready to fly, to stretch our wings and usher in a new era filled with passion, romance and intrigue.
COLOURS A sudden melody of brights lights up the winter palette in luscious, luxurious, clashing colour from deepest fuchsias to olive greens and inky blues. Bursts of sunflower yellow are the accent.
JEWELLERY Bracelets, layered and stacked, create magical musical jewellery. Brass and silver are found in finishes. Chandelier earrings, bejewelled brooches and lace collars are interspersed with crystals and pearls. Clusters of cocktail rings adorn fingers.
FASHION Offering an opulent, eccentric and slightly bohemian take, the look has a 1920's flapper feel mixed with a touch of 1950's grace. Feathers and ruffled edges are focal points. Elegant combinations of prints and embroideries dominate. Long silk-printed coats create kimono effects.
FABRICS Ornate embroideries and elaborate decoration - brocades, stitched and printed fabrics and raw silks appear. Feathers and ruffles adorn sumptuous textiles. Texture and pattern abounds.
ACCESSORIES Hats and headscarves claim center stage. Coloured gloves dotted with crystals and brightly hued handbags and belts flash colour and confidence.
INTERIOR Fun and fanciful - ceiling decoration and hanging lights are the focus. Chinoiserie-inspired prints, patterned carpets and opulently printed wallpaper make a strong statement.   
CRYSTAL COLOURS - Topaz, Olivine, Rose, Indicolite, Sunflower, Crystal Silver Night  

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