Saturday, October 16, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

WINTER LANDSCAPE/Snow Rabbit  Indulging in the blissful pleasure of touch, the design world is finally breathing a sigh of relief and taking comfort in a sense of rediscovered safety. Like the snow rabbit amidst its icy winter landscape, a paler-than-pale palette sees crystal melding into its surroundings - integration and camouflage is key. Softly cocooned in whisper-soft cashmere and the comforting, downy texture of mohair, dustings of fine crystals are interwoven into clothing and accessories. Tiny pave-set crystals adorn jewellery and "loungerie" in sensuous supple satins are trimmed with light-as-air lace. Nurture, nourishment and the need to be still are the catch-cries of this theme.
COLORS A sublimely simple canvas of hazy winter pastels and creamy neutrals punctuated with softer-than-soft blues and pale off-greys.
JEWELLERY Charming, intricate pieces that encapsulate a sense of cocooning. Almost translucent,  woven and knitted elements in ethereal forms are sprinkled with crystal. Bold ice crystal rings and necklaces are finished in matte or beaten metals.
FASHION  A 'loungerie' aspect is the prime focus. Soft body suits in jersey and elasticized dance pants offer comfortable elegance. Cobweb fine knits embrace shapes, whilst over-sized woolen jumpers swathe forms. Silhouettes are loose and relaxed. 
FABRICS Powder-fine luxurious yarns, ultra-soft felted wools, fluffy yarns and ruffled tulle, mohair alpaca, crochet and lace as well as sensuous silks and satins.
ACCESSORIES Loosely woven knitted hoods and fine mohair scarves and gloves appear. Satin bows and belts are used for delicate detailing.
INTERIOR A theme tailor-made for bedrooms and luscious living areas. Faded print rugs in pastel palettes, cocooning, ultra-comfortable chairs and billowing ice-inspired structures for lighting.
CRYSTAL COLORS Crystal, Light Azore, Sand Opal, Silk, Light Grey Opal

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