Monday, October 18, 2010

Animal Instincts - Swarovski Elements Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

FARMLAND/Fox Never before has the need for survival been so prevalent. The past few years have shown the young that the world is not merely a frivolous playground. Like the wily fox they have discovered that to exist they need to outsmart and, in a truly progressive move, they turn to the past to arm themselves for their battle with the future. Enduring textiles are off-set by the gorgeous glint of crystal, small random sparkles create an honest and authentic effect, like glittering gems found at the bottom of Grandma's treasure box. Finer-than-fine chains embellished with crystal charms dangle around wrists, mementos of more trustworthy times. Innocent Peter Pan collars and vintage aprons are peppered with subtle shine. Nostalgia and the perpetual charm of tradition is calling - Conservatism is now the new Radical.
COLOURS Pigmented earthy browns and olive greens, the colours of ever-changing nature, are complemented by bright bursts of vibrant red.
JEWELLERY Traditional elements and motif-driven jewellery are the core focus. Cameos, lockets and filigree showcase nostalgic elements. Pearls are a subtle inclusion. Delicate, refined chains are strung with tiny crystals making a sweet statement.
FASHION Fashion stays on the farm this season with garments showing a sense of responsibility and reliability. A pastoral style is prevalent Winter cottons and woolens from sturdy coats. Layering of patterns, Liberty-print blouses and fine-knit weaves create a mismatched effect. 
FABRICS Traditional textiles of proven qualities, the tweeds of yesteryear, are a core focus. Cord, knitted materials and traditional patchwork, silk scarves, faded vintage poplins and Liberty floral prints as well as shirting take pride of place.
ACCESSORIES Functional and traditional rural elements such as aprons, headscarves, hobnailed boots and thick winter stockings are core components. Cane baskets and Amish-style head-wear are eccentric accents. 
INTERIOR A home-spun, rural aspect dominates interior design; particularly relevant to the kitchen and living areas. Functional, versatile pieces in untreated and raw-edged wood dominate. Rough-hewn pottery, copper pans and traditional storage containers are used as elements of decoration.
CRYSTAL COLOURS Crystal Silver Night, Siam, Dark Indigo, Khaki, Sunflower, Crystal Red Magma, Jet Nut       

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