Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swarovski Elements Filigrees are Awesome!!

I have just finished 14 pieces that I collaborated on, with my friend Ron, that are being sent to Swarovski Elements in Austria. The interesting thing is that we designed solely with filigrees as the focal pieces. I was unprepared for how great the pieces turned out. When you wear filigrees, you feel like Royalty so a lot of the named pieces are after famous "Royal" women. Notice, I followed my own advice and named the pieces before I sent them off! The beautiful collar below was also created with one of my most favorite findings, the Radiant ring, by our friends at TierraCast. 

Three of the 14 pieces will be held out so that they can be taught for Swarovski in Tucson next year.  Swarovski's website Create-Your-Style (which highlights the Do-It-Yourself projects) will feature all eleven projects with pictures and instructions by America's design team! When they are posted, I will let you know.

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