Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Beading...

Why is it that we seem to find ourselves in the middle of a dozen or so projects at the same time and still want to make something new? I was getting ready to watch the ballgame on T.V. - Mets vs Giants and I needed some inspiration. So, I began flipping through some old beading publications. On the cover of Beadwork, Dec. 09/Jan. 10 is a piece called "Diamonds are Forever" and just so happened to be designed by my BFF Marcia Decoster.

The piece is made up of matching medallions using ladder stitch, netting and making picots. I recall seeing Marcia wearing one in oranges and fuchsias with dangles wired in between the medallions that was fabu. Just the ticket, I thought. Using a beautiful chocolate matte seed bead for the base with a matching metallic brown to complement, the piece was coming along. I added pea-green firepolish with Swarovski Elements Bronze Shade crystals and dark brown pearls as accents. My dangles are made up of vintage crystal and Czech glass and some metal beads and charms. I will admit that I'm not big on hook and eye closures (don't tell Marcia) so I used a bronze magnetic clasp and eliminated the small hook and eye medallion. Ready to wear in just a few short hours and my Giants won too!!

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  1. The colors and choice of accent beads are excellent!